Apr 12 2017

Missing the wife!

The horny bug strikes on a long road-trip.

Another little bed-time story from the “games straight boys play” book! laugh

This was back in 2008. I was preparing for the annual pilgrimage to the mountains when a close friend asked if I would be willing to take one of his friends along this time. My first reaction was a no. My annual pilgrimage is a religious experience for me. Good company can elevate the experience to a whole new level. A psycho on the other hand can ruin it completely. I didn’t want to take the chance.

The close friend in question was nothing but persistent! He invited me to his pad in Andheri for a house-warming where among other people, this friend of his was also present. “K” was a somewhat happening TV actor with a taste for adventure. And totally hot! Typical punjabi good looks, 6ft tall, dimpled cheeks, hairy as hell, washboard abs – I might have been a smitten-kitten if he weren’t so totally out of my league! At some point in that party I said yes – must have been the drinks, or pure lust. I don’t know! smile So it was that 4 months later, the 2 of us hit the road for what was to be a 24 day road trip across India.

I kept a healthy distance – as I usually do with guys who I see as being out of my league. I had come out to him earlier, but most of our conversations were on “safe topics” and quite formal. You might say I was being extra-cautious. And for the first 8 days, “K” kept a healthy distance too. It was in Vashisthi, just beyond Manali that the 1st signs of “weirdness” popped in. “K” asked if I had some porn on my Laptop. I didn’t. But he had come prepared. I felt him slide up close as the porn played out on the laptop. Feeling uncomfortable, i decided to step out for a smoke as he enjoyed it alone.

3 days later, we were in Leh – back in civilization. That evening, I sat down in bed with a laptop to copy & sort the photographs I had taken on the trip. “K” came out of the bathroom in his boxers & ganjis and poured us both a drink. All was fine till then.

I was on my 2nd peg, “K” on his 4th when things started happening. “K” stood beside the bed talking about the places we were to visit in the next few days. Drink in one hand, and the other hand fondling a raging erection in his boxers! I tried keeping a straight face and believe me that was hard – pun intended! Finishing his drink, he proceeded to take off his vest, and snuggled into bed beside me. He never slept shirtless, so this was another first. He asked me to finish the photo work later and switch off the light as he wanted to sleep.

“in the mood to do something?” I asked as I switched off the lights.


“Then what was THAT all about?!” I asked.

“Just missing the wife”. “K” was referring to the woman he was seeing in Mumbai back then.

Hmm. So this wasn’t him playing the “seduction game”? That’s weird! And so totally a KLPD moment for me! sad

It was another 10 days later, when we were in Gwalior, just 2 days from the end of our trip together, that our man finally got the courage to make the move. And it was FANTASTIC! It was a fun ride all the way back to Mumbai – in every way! 😉

If only our man had summoned the courage to make his move earlier. If only!

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