Jun 06 2012

Jungle Mein Mangal!

As I changed into my night clothes and slipped under the covers, Faisal stripped of and headed for the bathroom. For the first time ever, I found myself noticing his taut muscled body and those sexy blue briefs that did little to hide his assets. I really shouldn’t drink so much, i thought to myself. Because when I drink I turn slutty. smile

I was under the covers pretending to be asleep when he came out of the bathroom. I was shamelessly checking him out and he finally noticed as he picked up his pajamas.

What are you looking at?

Embarassed, I gave a shy smile and pulled the blanket over my head. He put the pajamas back on the table and stood at the side of the bed.

Do you like what you see?

He pulled the blanket off my head and repeated the question.

“Go to sleep Faisal” I said as I pulled the blanket back over me.

I felt the bed creak as he got under the covers. As he reached over to switch off the lights, I noticed his blue briefs lying on the floor.

Got very little sleep that night. No! We didn’t make love. That is too mild a phrase to describe what happened. Its that other word! That vulgar word! smile At 2 hour intervals! 😉

Woke up the next morning and went out to the balcony for a morning smoke. Had a strange smile at the corner of my lips, a strange halo of fulfilment around me as I watched the fog melt away with the rising sun. A Qualis pulled into the driveway, signalling that our trip was ending soon. Had to get ready and get back to real world.

I stared at the bathroom mirror in disbelief as I could see the halo around me take up psychedelic colors. Was this for real? Did last night really happen? The mirror didn’t lie! Those red welts around my still sore nipples gave evidence to the passion of the previous night. I didn’t want this to end here. Could we extend our stay by one more night?

A shrill horn from below broke the silence. I watched the halo around me melt away. The red welts were still there, but the halo had gone. It was time to return to reality.

I stepped out into the balcony to tell our impatient group waiting below that we would be down in 2 minutes.

“Hurry up Faisal! ” I shouted as I sat down on the chair to put on my shoes. “We have to be down in 2 mins!”

Faisal stepped in front of me, as I was tying my laces.

2 minutes? I think we have enough time….!

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