Jun 06 2012

Jungle Mein Mangal!

Masinagudi is a nice little retreat around 6 hours from Bangalore. Nestled in the foothills leading upto Ooty, it has some nice staying options and is a great option for a romantic couples getaway. And that is where we were headed.

There were 8 of us squeezed into the Qualis that day as we left Bangalore at around 1130 pm on Friday. But no one was complaining – it felt like a school trip! After a morning safari in Bandipur, we headed for Masinagudi which is a short distance away after a break midway to stock up on the booze.

Our “resort” was a homestay with just 3 rooms and a treehouse. As the last to join this trip, we had to take the treehouse. Not that I was complaining. And Faisal didn’t care. He just wanted the party to begin! The evening was spent around a campfire with some fantastic company accompanied by fantastic food, music and ofcourse alcohol! Lots of alcohol! The 3 couples decided to turn in around 1030pm. Faisal was punch-drunk and it was quite a task escorting him up the ladder into the treehouse.







He may have been drunk, but he wanted some more! So we spent another hour in the balcony of the treehouse. He had four pegs, while I had one. As we sat there, I noticed a leopard sneaking its way through the bushes very close to where we were. As I stood up against the railing, Faisal leaned into me for support to get a better look.

The warmth of his body on that chilly November night and the sweet smell of whisky from his lips just inches away was very arousing. Shaking myself to reality, I moved away to put some distance between us.

What? Why are you blushing like a bride darling!” he sniggered as his hands first slapped my bottom, and then turned into a lingering squeeze. This was moving into dangerous territory. I slapped his hand away.

“Come on! Its late! We better get to bed as we have to leave early tomorrow!” I said in a stern voice as I guided him into our room.

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