Nov 06 2016

My Experiences with “Public” Nudity

Clothes are what separate mankind from animals. We are taught at a young age to cover ourselves & “be decent”. The kind of clothes we wear are a reflection of our individual personalities and society too defines us based on what we wear.

But I must admit, there is something oddly liberating about being comfortable in & with the nude body – and I am not talking sexually.  Read full story

Jan 28 2016

The Office Bully

Homophobic bullying is something that every Gay man, out or not, has to deal with at some point or the other. Sadly, while there has been some attempt at change, precious little has happened on the ground to deal with the real issue of homophobic bullying at the workplace.

The following incident happened to one of my close friends and is an illustration of how bullying in the office plays out. I hope reading this will help the powers that be come up with solutions to deal sensitively with what is a real problem.
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