Dec 06 2013

Eyecandy – Abhinav Shukla

Ludhiana boy, Abhinav Shukla is easily the hottest new dude on Television today! Met him on a roadtrip a decade back! But have been a fan since I saw him on Survivor India sometime last year!

Actually had the pleasure of meeting him twice. First time was over a decade back when I was on a road-trip to the Himalaya’s and he was on a similar road-trip with his college buddy (I think). At that time, my impatient riding buddies wanted to just move on and we didn’t quite get the opportunity to connect! sad

Years later, I ran into him again when I was trekking through the Western Ghats with a different group. That’s when I learnt he was quite the adventurer! He was out there camping with his buddies who I later learnt were TV actors. On this occasion, I was averting my eyes and trying to keep a straight face as Señor Shukla was in a VERY small swimming costume! ?

I don’t watch soaps so I had no clue he was an actor. It was only when I saw him on Survivor India that I realized the lanky “wannabe” biker I met a decade earlier was now a TV star!

He would make the perfect boyfriend! He rides bikes, does photography(although I smell a Nikon ?), enjoys trekking, does DIY stuff! And then, that body!  ? Not sure if he likes jungle-ghooming, but I think I can convert him to that idea! And yeah, first convert him to Canon camp! smile

Hear from my industry friends he is playing the villain in some jungle film. Now THAT I would love to see! All the best man!

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