Nov 06 2016

My Experiences with “Public” Nudity

Clothes are what separate mankind from animals. We are taught at a young age to cover ourselves & “be decent”. The kind of clothes we wear are a reflection of our individual personalities and society too defines us based on what we wear.

But I must admit, there is something oddly liberating about being comfortable in & with the nude body – and I am not talking sexually. 

The first time I saw a dude nude was a bro in the colony I grew up in. I must have been around 12 or 13 and he was around 4/5 years older than me. He was always in the horny-zone and forever looking for opportunities to “unload”. During the vacations we used to hangout at his place sometimes to play cards or video games along with other friends. He had a neighbor who he thought was “sexy” – I thought she was a fat cow but hey, we shouldn’t judge right? smile So anyway, he heard the sound of her scooter pulling into the building and he rushed to the balcony to ogle at her as she was wheeling it in. Apparently that hint of cleavage visible from his vantage point on the 2nd floor was enough to set our man off because he said he HAD to urgently relieve himself and rushed to the bathroom. Trying hard to hide my eyerolls, i walked back in and noticed he had left the door to the bathroom open as he was doing his business. There he was jacking off in full view with an accompanying commentary on “how sexy this babe was”. I was trying hard to keep a straight face as his pecker kept coming into view at intervals whenever he turned back. Job done, he zipped up and came back to his game as though nothing had happened. That was the day I found out I was gay! smile

Years later, I had just entered college and one day we were told there was going to be a medical checkup camp. We lined up, me along with my 3 best friends from college standing together chatting not really knowing what was to follow. We were called into a room where 3 doctors were seated they asked us to drop our pants, hold our testicles and cough. For a second I thought we were the victims of some pranks by the seniors. But when my 3 friends did as told I followed! I was always worried about exposing myself because of the sexual connotations we attach to it. But this incident taught me the valuable lesson that that isnt always true! Today, years later, we remember that incident and have a good laugh. Still best friends after all these years! We have nothing hidden from each other anymore after that! smile

I remember my first NCC camp. The stern warden in the dormitory would not allow the boys their shower time since we would end up wasting time. Instead, we were lined up 20 at a time and hosed down. By then I had few qualms about stripping off! I was a pro! Or so I thought!

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