Dec 23 2015

Shifting over to new Server

“Why a website, when you have a perfectly functional blogspot”?

A journalist researching for a story on LGBT went through the old blog on blogspot and felt I should make a more interactive site. She understood the “being gay” paradigm much better after going through the old blog and numerous bakar-sessions with me! But others didn’t! She felt the story needed to get out! The best way to end prejudice is to have an informed debate and clarify the stereo-types.

I kept putting it off, mainly because of the time and effort required to first develop and then maintain a more interactive format. But a rare break from work over Xmas, meant that I could finally make the time! So over the weekend, setup a basic WordPress site on one of my servers and severed the blogspot connection! Then started the long phase of tweaking the interface – that took time! smile

Missing posts? – I can explain! After importing the posts from the old blogspot, I thought the overall tone of the blog was sounding a little whiny & depressing! That’s not the spirit with which I want to take this forward. So I took the conscious decision to delete most of the 50 odd posts between 2012 and 2014 – the most depressing phase. I have summarized that phase here. Kind of a closure report!

Why this blog? Well for one, I need a place to vent! smile But on a serious note, I went through a harrowing time during my transition battling prejudice, phobia and yes heartbreak! I went through it alone, and fully know how tough that has been. Ultimately we all have to battle our demons ourselves, but its nice to know you have support! And that is what I hope to do with the Questionable Ventures. Communicate, clarify, debate, counsel. And maybe help someone with his/her transition!

Do provide your valuable feedback via comments. You could contact me on twitter or email me at I will make every effort to respond individually.

Thanks & Regards.

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