Feb 27 2018

Fashion Talk

I am generally clueless about fashion. I can’t tell from midi’s & mini’s! 😛

I have a pretty active lifestyle. My job requires me to move around with a camera and haul equipment all over the place. My passions include extended roadtrips, camping and wildlife oriented trips. The formal events I have to attend include book launches, exhibitions and the like.

What is the look I am going for? Well definitely not Jessica Rabbit! 😛

Would appreciate tips from the fashionistas…!

I am leaning towards the Claire Underwood (from House of Cards) look. Power Dressing! Ofcourse adjusted for my dark complexion and heavier build.

I lean towards conservative dressing. So no boobies popping out and no cleavage show.


My current wardrobe is dozens of round neck printed tshirts paired with jeans in various shades of blue and black or with khakis in various colors.


I also have a dozen short kurta’s in various colors which I usually pair with jeans. Infact, I am known as “that kurta guy”.

Both Tshirts & Kurta’s are very practical both for extended day shoots and for meeting friends at pubs. However one challenge could be that many of the Kurta’s are somewhat sheer/see through and wearing a singlet underneath might look tacky?


I do a lot of roadtrips either by car or bike and also travel to the wild very often. I usually wear camo-pants paired with green/brown round neck tshirts all picked up at Decathlon. Also have a number of light fleece pullovers useful for cold nights in the jungle.


The women I know who do roadtrips or jungle-trips pretty much wear the same stuff. And its pretty comfortable. So dont think this will require any changes.


Right now its short shorts and an old tshirt. That should work! Though I am not sure if I can wear that in the winters in Montreal! smile

For special date nights could plan for a babydoll type outfit! You know to get HIS motor’s running! 😉

MAKEUP & Skin Care

Plan to keep this minimal. I am already begun an extensive exfoliation programme for over a month now and can see the results. I have extensive damage from exposure and uneven skin tone. I am exploring going in for Chemical peel type treatments from KAYA in India to resolve some of these issues.

Planning for just a simple Lacto-Calamine patdown in the morning with some compact. And night-cream after the evening exfoliation. Also thinking of doing my eyebrows to make them little feminine.

What kind of makeup routine would you suggest?

I weigh 78 kgs now, 34″ waist, Target weight is 65-68 kgs. waist 30″. Will start a KETO diet for 2 months starting April after the doctor approves. Will doing KETO with the HRT be harmful?

Looking forward to hear from the fashionista’s on this topic! smile





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