Jan 12 2016

Celeb Spotting

For the rest of the short flight, while I tried to keep a straight face, the Uncle in 2F kept fidgeting but stayed silent till the plane landed. The moment the plane left the active runway however all hell broke loose. Now baba should have just apologized and the situation might have been controlled. But he hemmed and hawed like a Lodhi-garden ka chootiya which only served to provoke our Babu Moshai into a rage! The attendants handled it professionally. While one guarded the curtains to keep inquisitive Economy Passengers from peeking in, the other more senior attendant did her bit to calm the frazzled nerves! As we got off the plane, baba tells me the old man seems to be missing his medication! Yeah sure man!

I was recently told by some staff at the airline, that this baba who thought the aircraft cabin was his hostel room, has a reputation for picking up fights with the airline staff all the time. Hmmmm!

It would be unfair to focus on badly behaved celebrities because most of them are actually well behaved. There have been times when I have expected some hoo-halla considering the reputation some of them carry in the media only to be pleasantly surprised! One of the best behaved celebs I have encountered onboard was our film-wale “Bhai”. To be honest we were expecting some tamasha as I said, but bhai was on his best behavior. The presence of his mom (I am guessing) may have had some role to play though! The worst thing I could say was Bhai kept his ridiculous glares on for almost the entire 3 hour flight! PS: I am NOT a #BhaiRoxx fan! Not even close!

What is obvious from most of the incidents listed above is that there is an obvious double-standard in the way celebs are treated. Would I have been allowed to board that flight if I had been in Babuji’s place? heck! I think I may have been arrested for indecent exposure! But a word of appreciation here for the airline staff, especially the Flight Attendants who take so much crap from self-entitled brats and do it with a smile! Don’t know how they do it, but hats off man!

That’s it for today dahlings! More tomorrow! Flight attendants: Do share your own celebrity experiences!

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  1. Babaji is Alok Nath? Dettol story is Dimple? Last one is Fardin Khan?

    Curious about who the journalist and politician is! Please tell!

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