Jan 02 2008

A new beginning!

Another eventful year passes by!

2007 in particular has been a landmark year for me – Professionally as well as personally. It has been about closing some chapters and opening a new one!

Finally summoned up the courage in September to call off the wedding and come out – first to the one and only woman who I truly loved and then to friends & family. None have taken it well, and I was perhaps wrong to think that they would.

But it was a case of now or never! Getting married would perhaps have been the easiest thing to do! But also the worst! I could never go through life lying to someone I loved! sad I am just not that kind of guy! Sometimes I wish I was! Life would have been so much easier!

29th we rode down to Harihareshwar for the new year. Friends were keen to hear what I had to say, but there was perceptible discomfort once I got talking. ‘M’ suggested later that I should perhaps blog about it – reading about it might be less discomfiting than hearing. Also others who were going through the same situation might benefit from reading up on my experience! And thats how the idea for cougar-talks.blogspot.in took shape!

Will be using this blog to communicate to my nearest and dearest! And to whoever wants to hear my coming-out story!


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