Feb 08 2017

Movie Review: Befikre

With stalwarts like Ranveer Singh & Vaani Kapoor in the lead, #Befikre has trash written all over it. Not quite #Gunda level, but Grade-A trash nevertheless!

It was supposed to be a ripoff of the French film “Jeux d’enfants” – if Adi Chopra was indeed trying to copy that classic, he didn’t do a good job – Befikre comes across as a very poor Chinese copy! And oh man! What’s with adding a sangeet sequence zabardasti in every film? 🙄
Vaani Kapoor can’t act or dance and clearly tries too hard. Ranveer otoh plays the “Lodhi garden ka Slutiya” to perfection!

I had seen the rushes of the film much earlier courtesy a friend in the industry and was startled at the bold treatment & nudity. Infact, I had placed a bet with my friend that most of these scenes would not make it to the final cut. There is no way our censor board is so liberal! And I was right.

To be sure, Ranveer Singh does show a lot of skin throughout! The opening sequence of the film has him cavorting around in skimpy boxer-briefs. HOT!






The piece-de-resistance however was this scene on the boat, where Ranveer shakes his bare booty in style! And what a fine booty too! smile

Ranveer certainly has a good “background” in acting! 😉

Overall : total ChickFlick and a total waste of time. Only reason to watch it is Ranveer Singh’s delectable rear!

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