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26-Feb-2019  Transition update: E-Levels
24-Dec-2018  Once a cheater, Always a cheater!
17-Mar-2018  Letting go…
27-Feb-2018  Fashion Talk
24-Feb-2018  Finding “Maya”!
17-Sep-2017  Que Sera Sera!
01-Sep-2017  Are Trans people shallow?
05-Jun-2017  Dealing with bullies!
04-Jun-2017  Responding to Readers
17-Apr-2017  Good morning Mrs.Robinson!
12-Apr-2017  Missing the wife!
28-Feb-2017  So many questions!
26-Feb-2017  Male Privilege
23-Feb-2017  Gender Confusion
08-Feb-2017  Movie Review: Befikre
06-Nov-2016  My Experiences with “Public” Nudity
23-Apr-2016  A good girlfriend can never be a good wife!
27-Feb-2016  Birthday Gift!
28-Jan-2016  The Office Bully
26-Jan-2016  Living in the Closet
25-Jan-2016  Gay Shaming – Is it Right to Out Someone?
22-Jan-2016  Explained : BroJob
12-Jan-2016  Celeb Spotting
11-Jan-2016  Tinder guilt!
23-Dec-2015  Shifting over to new Server
22-Dec-2015  Chotisi Love Story
14-Aug-2015  The Gay-Straight “Binary”
06-Dec-2013  Eyecandy – Abhinav Shukla
08-Nov-2013  Ringa-Ringa-Roses!
05-Oct-2012  Top 20 mistakes men make in bed
06-Jun-2012  Jungle Mein Mangal!
03-Apr-2012  Look what I found! ;)
02-Jan-2008  A new beginning!