Mar 17 2018

Letting go…

During group therapy last month, we discussed the importance of “letting go”. As trans people, we hold on to so much resentment and sense of “being persecuted”, some real, a lot of it imagined! And this pent-up resentment keeps us from achieving our true potential. Certainly true for me. We did this exercise of bringing out a bottled up feeling and putting it into a bubble and blowing it away.  Read full story

Feb 27 2018

Fashion Talk

I am generally clueless about fashion. I can’t tell from midi’s & mini’s! 😛

I have a pretty active lifestyle. My job requires me to move around with a camera and haul equipment all over the place. My passions include extended roadtrips, camping and wildlife oriented trips. The formal events I have to attend include book launches, exhibitions and the like.

What is the look I am going for? Well definitely not Jessica Rabbit! 😛

Would appreciate tips from the fashionistas…!

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Feb 24 2018

Finding “Maya”!

In Group Therapy we talked of “finding the woman within” and “bringing her out”. Interesting exercise! And across the last month, I have finally found the woman within! I call her “Maaya”. It feels exhilarating! Its like a second birth almost! The woman inside, trapped for so long, is finally free!

And today, as I stand on the threshold of my transition, I would like to talk of my journey this far. I hope others who are going through a similar challenge find this helpful. I also hope therapists who work with people like us read and take some learning from this.

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